Gnutti Virginio SpA

Gnutti Virginio Spa has been forging brass items since the 1950s. Originally in Lumezzane (BS) and since 1971 at the current factory in Prevalle (BS)

The entire work cycle takes place on-site, from melting the bar to putting the finishing touches on the end product. This guarantees a consistently top quality product and competitive prices.

The name Gnutti Virginio is synonymous with excellent quality and reliability, thanks to its effort in all the fields: materials, machining and services: this is proved by its almost 70 years experience.


Technical service and quality


We have a technical department that studies and optimises the product and projects the necessary tools for product realizatio


Quality control operators track the entire working cycle. The process is under control from the raw materials to the final product

Mold and tools manufacturing

The mechanical department constructs and keeps efficient the moulds and the equipment for the production

Raw material purchase

The purchase of the best quality raw materials has always characterized our internal policy


In the foundry department, takes place the melting of raw materials, which are then transformed into bars thanks to continuous casting furnaces

Bar cutting

The bars produced are then cut according to customers’ needs with high productivity saws

Hot forging

The moulding department is equipped with mechanical presses and screw presses of different capacities, suited to hot-forging every article

Surface treatment

Surface treatments are then carried out according to customer’s needs


On customer request, mechanical finishing processes can be carried out by “Transfers” and “Cnc machinery”

Packaging and shipping

The final product is packed according to customer’s instruction


Our company produces hot-forged items on customer design, both in small and in large series.

Here some examples:

Flame spreaders/burners and equipments for gas cookers

Fittings for electrical resistors

Taps, valves and fittings for air, water and gas

Fittings for special electrical resistors

Components for electromechanical industry

Other hot-forged products upon request

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